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3AHC “Hee Haw” : The Auroric Anti-Aberration Hand Cannon, or 3AHC, is a fully auroric bazooka-type handheld weapon used by GAAF foot soldier to control the movement of Aberrations. It does not fire the sustained auroric ray of the original Triple A Gun, but a quick burst that usually stretches only fifteen meters long instead. The blats can inflict moderate damage against low- to mid-level creatures, but is useless against armored individuals. Nicknamed the “Hee Haw,” because that is what soldiers claim its use makes them want to shout.

AAAR-2 “Triple A Gun” : The first operable auroric vehicle created by James Moreau, the Auroric Anti-Aberration Ray 2 is a powerful cannon-type weapon usually mounted on a tank or truck. It fires a wavering green stream of accelerated energy particles that can scorch the hides of even high-level Aberrations and penetrate armor with repeated uses; it remains one of the most useful anti-Aberration weapons in existence, but is slow and somewhat difficult to aim. The aurora generator itself is also prone to overheating and causing damage to its shell due to the extreme temperatures it produces.

AU-22 : A semi-auroric jet staple to the GAAF's anti-Aberration arsenal, designed to battle creatures both horizontally and from high above. Strangely short and stout for a combat orientated aircraft, it is often described as a winged bullet or a space shuttle below the clouds. It was built for maximum maneuverability, not speed, although it is capable of reaching velocities of up to mach 2.7 and above in clear skies. It does not have traditional engines or thrusters, but instead eight fully auroric repulsors located in its belly, rear, and the underside of its wings that create and push off of energized particles to generate lift, similar to how how space craft push off of the gasses produced by the burning fuel in their rockets. Each repulsor is capable of independent rotation and adjustment, giving the AU-22 pilot absolute control of the craft and meaning that the jet is as maneuverable as a helicopter plus many times as fast. The AU-22 is armed with six Flashbox cruise missiles and 3,000 hollow .70 caliber rounds propelled by brief pulses from its main aurora generator.

The Asgardian : A “radio bomb,” the Asgardian is a powerful warhead armed with one or more energy cell of excited Aelio particles; detonated at a predetermined height above a target area via radio wave, it delivers immense concussive trauma through the spontaneous breakdown of its Aelio payload. Like how the high frequency wavelengths of the GAAF's aurora weapons unintentionally triggered the mutation of Lykobo into Lykothop, radio waves of an exact and undisclosed frequency rip apart the Aelio cells and unleash the energy of Aelio's Phenomenon all at once, an act that is comparable to the detonation of a nuclear device in strength. Because the particles must be 'alive' to be detonated, the Aelio cells are kept excited by low frequency energy bombardment. The Asgardian is especially effective against Aberrations, as it sometimes triggers destructive chain reactions in Aberrative bodies. UAE are less heavily affected and actually display varying degrees of immunity to Aelio energy, which is thought to be why they do not undergo Aelio's Phenomenon even when exposed to live particles. Due to its enormous destructive potential and possible mutative side effects, the Asgardian is strictly a last resort and its use has been banned in populated areas without question. Bombs of up to four cells have been developed, but not used in practical combat. Only a single three-cell bomb has been deployed in combat.

FAHW “Vajra” : The first fully auroric handheld weapon, the hand cannon-type FAHW Vajra is named after the legendary thunderbolt weapon of the Hindu storm deity Indru. It fires a rapid stream of thin aurora rays that last for ten to thirteen seconds and are capable of harming low- to mid-level creatures. Without the power of the 3AHC or AAAR-2, the Vajra is merely considered a “sting” to Aberrations, used to draw their attention away from civilians or downed soldiers.

Flashbox Cruise Missile :  A guided missile model commissioned by the GAAF specifically to combat the threat of Aberrations, the Flashbox is armed with numerous peripheral thrusters along the body of the missile that allow it to adjust its course inflight and chase after creatures, a constant stream of data provided to it through onboard cameras and heat detection units so that it can 'see' the creatures. This automated recognition and instantaneous alteration system was created after the initial Emergence, where it was proved that older weapons could not strike a living, moving target with enough reliability. In addition to its peripheral thrusters, the main thruster of the Flashbox has a secondary burst-charge that engages at the distance of a hundred meters to target and pushes the armored tip of the missile deep into even thick hide and armor. Detonation of the Flashbox is delayed one second after contact, when the missile has already bored into its target, maximizing damage done by the initial explosion. Where the Flashbox earns it name, however, is the incendiary nature of its charge- it explodes into an intense fireball that can set creatures aflame, although the flames are not necessarily meant to harm Aberrations, but to disorientate or confuse by covering their bodies and blinding them.

GB-ASC “Glob Bomb” : The GAAF Bomb with Adhesive Substance Charge, or the “Glob Bomb,” is an explosive weapon that spreads a thick coat of quick drying glue over any terrain within a 120-meter radius. It can immobilize low-level Aberrations fairly consistently, but mid- and high-level creatures are merely slowed and especially strong creatures will not be affected at all. This weapon system, although formidable in its simplicity, does have one critical weakness- the adhesive dissolves under any form of heat beam or energy weapon, making it null against all creatures possessing energy-based abilities or attacks. GAAF lab technicians are constantly searching for a similar substance with increased resistance to heat, but no suitable substitute has been found yet.

GTV1 Condor : The GAAF Transport Vehicle One, also know as the Condor, is a thirty-meter helicopter used to transport Monster Men and anti-Aberration weapons to and from the scene of Emergences. It is not usually flown over the actual battle area, unsuited for real combat, but is nevertheless armed with two Kongo-Bident MAAWs- one on either flank- as well as 5,000 hollow .75 caliber aurora-propelled rounds to deter possible Aberration attack. Capable of flying at nearly 200 knots, the fastest of all nonauroric GAAF vehicles in use today.

GTV2 Pelican “The Gut” : The GAAF Transport Vehicle Two, codename Pelican, is the basic equivalent to a flying aircraft carrier launched from the Platform; the Pelican is a singular 500-meter helicopter-type aircraft used to transport entire GAAF arsenals and research stations to field sites, as well as ferry the Employed creatures Plume, Jake, and Zelus. Because of the large, underhanging bay area required to carry the Employed Aberrations, it has been nicknamed “The Gut” by the landing crew that sees it in. As a mobile command base, the Pelican is heavily armed with four missile launchers carrying twenty Flashboxes each, two rows of Kongo-Biden MAAWs and Mason-Smith SAMGs, a cluster of AAAR-2s heading its bow, and a line of fifty caliber anti-aircraft guns on either flank. Top airspeed measures at about sixty knots assuming good weather conditions.

GTV3 Frigatebird :  The GAAF Transport Vehicle Three is basically a miniaturized version of the GTV2, built ferry the Employed creature Sid to and from the Platform as a sort of one-monster lightning response force. Unlike the Pelican, which is an airborne monolith far outsped by its smaller brethren, the 200-meter Frigatebird has been slimmed and gutted for the sole purposed carrying its Aberrative passenger and can keep pace with Condors and Sky Patties at a cruising speed of over 150 knots, although it sacrifices all forms of weaponry to achieve this comparatively extreme velocity.

H.C. 21 “Landship” : A thirty-meter hovercraft-type vehicle employed mainly by the GAAF forces of the Island, the Landship is an elongated tank piloted by a single man or woman. It is not a true hovercraft, possessing treaded wheels as its central motion system, but has large turbines in its rear to give greater speed. Can steam across broken landscapes at nearly 120 mph to ram its armored, axelike front into the feet and legs of Aberrations. The H.C. 21 is coated in a gauze manufactured from synthetic diamonds, allowing it to withstand even the tremendous heat of Aberrative energy attacks, and the driver is enclosed in an armored capsule impossible for even Aberrations to completely destroy.    

HM Whirlwind : The Honda-Mason Whirlwind is a specialized firing weapon that can launch up to three volleys of sixty-meter bolos. These twirling string weapons are made from double-stranded iron alloy twine treated at both high temperature and great pressure to make it resistant to energy and melee attack and are tipped by two thirteen-ton circular weights each, the entire bolo weighing thirty-two tons in total. A strictly nonlethal weapon designed to entangle the feet of aggressive Aberrations or UAEs and endure its attacks until heavier weaponry can be aimed. Can also wrap the jaws to prevent or block the use of an oral weapon. The forty-meter boxlike launchers are mountable to just about any heavy duty GAAF armored vehicle and sport a great range of maneuverability, hitting targets in any direction and nearly a thousand meters from it.  

Kongo-Bident MAAW : The Kongo-Bident Mounted Anti-Aberration Weapon is a three-barreled, fully auroric weapon designed for drawing the attention and attack of Aberrations. The energy waves from its 500-pound aurora generator are guided along three seven-meter barrels, creating a large sheet of auroric energy that can sweep across almost 400 meters of linear surface area. It can badly scorch low-level creatures and Aberrations susceptible to great heat, but  mid- and high-level creatures are only irritated by its effect, thus why it is so often used as a method of distraction or redirection.

LVA Lancer : A twelve meter long surface-to-surface missile filled with molten copper. It is little more than a armored tube designed to split apart and deliver its molten load onto a target. Fired from a sleek, mobile thirty-meter electromagnetic launcher, the Lancer can reach its top speed of over 15,000 miles per hour almost instantly. Can be fired “cool” and allowed to strike a target directly, breaking apart on contact and spilling hot cooper onto the Aberration, or “hot” and armed to split at the hundred meter mark, deploying molten metal into the empty air at extreme speed and allowing the liquid mass to harden into a twenty-meter spear that will strike the Aberration at upwards of Mach 17 in many cases. Although the Lancer has displayed inconsistent effectiveness against Aberrations, especially ones with armor, and, unlike the Flashbox, is unable to be guided inflight and therefore more prone to missing, is still considered one of the stronger weapons in the GAAF arsenal for the sheer power it delivers at speed.

Mason-Smith SAMG “Wall Painter” : The Mason-Smith Semi-Auroric Minigun is a powerful anti-Aberration weapon designed to drive back even high-level creatures by launching 9,000 to 12,000 hollow .50 caliber bullets per minute using the energy pulses from a fifty-pound aurora generator in its core. The SAMG is a potent weapon that can breach the hide any unarmored Aberration, even those with unusually thick skin, giving it its colorful nickname of the “Wall Painter,” although at the same time it has proven to be prone to malfunction. The three-meter coneshaped barrel that the aurora waves are funneled through tends to rapidly heat up and become malformed, blocking fire and potentially the auroric pulses too- something that can result in explosions or misdirection of the energy waves.    

MMS-207 Rifle : Dubbed the, “baby of a sniper rifle and an anti-tank gun” by co-creator Georgia Mason-Smith, the Moreau Mason-Smith Class Two Model 7 is a large auroric rifle capable of carrying 1.0 caliber hidebuster rounds well past supersonic speed on a six-mile long beam of excited particles. The MMS-207 is extremely powerful, capable of inflicting harm on even large Aberrations when aimed well, though it is only truly effective against medium- to small-sized monsters, being one of the few unmounted weapons that can prove lethal to lower-level creatures. In the hands of a skilled sharpshooter, it can punch straight through lesser monsters. The considerable weight and kickback of the MMS means that it must be fired from a solid surface such as a jeep mount or tripod. A stand is built into the forestock of the rifle for use on the ground, but too frequent a use of this can cause shoulder problems

MS-M5 Semi-Auroric Rifle : The Mason-Smith & Moreau Semi-Auroric Five is a .50 caliber assault rifle that fires hollow monsterbuster rounds propelled by intense auroric waves. The MS-M5 is a powerful weapon for its size, capable of harming low-level creatures and drawing the attention of mid- to high-level Aberrations, but it is quite heavy due to the seven-pound aurora generator housed within its casing. Also, due to the advanced technology that powers its deadly spray, it is difficult for the average soldier to repair the MS-M5 if it is damaged or malfunctions on the battlefield.

MS-TS “Orca Lines” : The Monster-Stopping Tether-System, more commonly called, “Orca Lines” after the shark-slowing barrels seen in the movie Jaws, is a weapon mostly designed to tired out and slow the movements of Aberrations rather than harm them. Transported by helicopter or SAAV, a volley of twenty-five twenty-meter harpoons attached to braided auroric steel cables are dropped onto the target creature. While many will simply deflect off or miss the monster, those that impale or even pass through the target are alerted to it by internal temperature gauges sensitive to the high heat of Aberrative blood. Thirty-meter self-inflating helium balloons at the end of the triggered tethers will then activate and lift the lines into the air. The tethers stretch nearly four-hundred meters long so that the balloons are not in easy reach of the target Aberration. The MS-TS does not hamper most monsters tremendously, but the upwards tug from the balloons and the possibility of becoming entangled in the tethers at least slows them, creating easier targets for other GAAF weapons or Employed Aberrations and allowing more time for the evacuation of civilians.

SA .45 Caliber “3A” Pistol : The Semi-Auroric .45 Caliber Anti-Aberration Pistol, nicknamed the “3A,” is a model of partially auroric handgun distributed to all GAAF field staff and active troops. It is the most powerful small firearm currently in existence, hurling its hollow monsterbuster rounds at much greater speeds with a miniature aurora generator than the expanding gasses of gun powder ever achieved, but it can only draw the attention of low- to mid-level creatures. High-level Aberration will hardly even notice its effect, making it merely a tool for the redirection of hostility from civilians and property.

SAAV “Sky Patty” : The Semi-Auroric Anti-Aberration Vehicle is a GAAF bombing ship noted for its durability and oddly flattened shape, giving it its field nickname of “Sky Patty.” The broad underside of this twenty-meter craft is coated in a synthetic diamond gauze that deflects heat-based blasts, gifting it with the capability to withstand multiple Aberrative beams before destructive shutdown of systems. The Sky Patty can carry a load of up to nine GB-ASCs, gelatin-based incendiaries, or explosive charges and is capable of deploying them with great accuracy, hitting within six meters of a chosen target. In addition, the auroric repulsors of the SAAV can be climaxed as true aurora beams capable of damaging even high-level creatures, although this greatly destabilizes the craft and therefore is not used except for last resort; the SAAV is not the fastest of GAAF attack vehicles, capable of a top airspeed of only about ninety knots.

T-228 “Armored Snake” : The T-228 is a long, segmented tank nearly forty meters in length. Dubbed the “Armored Snake” for its serpentine appearance and heavy plating, the T-228 is famed for the capability of taking direct hits from even high-level Aberrations, although the number of blows it can endure is extremely limited. The T-228 assaults creatures with 130 mm caliber guns enclosed completely within its armored hull, as earlier models with exposed barrels were quick rendered unable to fire by attacking Aberrations; although the Snake's guns are now harder to incapacitate, they are not accurate and can stray heavily from targeted areas; because of its high miss rate and sturdy build, the T-228 is generally used for drawing Aberrative creatures away from populations, not aggressive assault.    

T-237 “Spiker” : The T-237 is a specialized tank twenty meters long and topped by a thirty-meter spike; flattened, heavily armored, and coated with diamond gauze that grants resistance to heat, the “Spiker,” as it is called by troops and field operators, is a one-man vehicle designed to maneuver under the feet of Aberrations and endure being trampled while the creature skewers its sole. Once the foot of the creature has been pierced, the T-237 will either deploy up to five anchors into the ground or begin moving to try and pull the creature down. The T-237 is heavily treaded and capable of pulling many times its weight. The capsule that holds the single driver of the T-237 is heavily fortified, even against direct assault by Aberrative creatures and energy blasts.

Tseung MT : Based on GAAF's Admiral Mao Tseung's desire for a tank as mobile as a boat in the water, the Tseung Mobile-Type tank is a circular armored vehicle with omnidirectional controls that is housed solely in the Atoll. Its eight armored panels each protect a 120 mm caliber gun barrel that can be elevated, fired, and lowered again within 1.25 seconds, and all with great accuracy. The center of the Tseung MT holds a large auroric ray generator capable of firing in any direction at sixty to ninety degrees between the ground and vertical axis of the vehicle.

Z.D. “Goodnight” Canisters : Zelus Dilute, or Z.D, canisters are explosive short range projectiles that discharge a vapor composed of water as well as minute traces of Zelus's powerful venom. When breathed by an Aberration or UAE, this almost invisible gas is absorbed into the lung, distributed throughout the body by the flow of blood, and induces immense weariness in its targets, sometimes putting them to sleep outright. Can cause minor swelling and inflammation in especially sensitive monsters, but is otherwise not dangerous. Hardier creatures can shrug off the effects completely though.

I hardy consider myself a weapons expert, but I think I have quite the neat little arsenal here. The tradition bombs and jets and tanks, but all just a bit different. A bit unique. Something fresh to make my master story an entity unto itself!

And, if you notice, a lot of these weapons are capable of harming Aberrations. Titan World won't be the monster story where nothing but another giant monster or robot can harm the big'uns, the conventional military will be able to do some damage in this. Not enough to kill typically, but enough to have a fighting chance. I want my monsters to be touchable to mankind, not imposing gods high above us.

Order in which weapons/vehicles appear:…

EDIT 17/6/13 - Added the "LVA Lancer" after reading that lava missiles are a real thing and deciding I wanted one.

EDIT 15/7/13 - Added the "HM Whirlwind," which fires monster-sized bolos!

EDIT 8/12/13 - Added the "Asgardian," which is the GAAF's official heavy hitter. Basically a nonnuclear nuke.

EDIT 1/4/14 - Added the "Z.D. 'Goodnight' Canisters.'

EDIT 1/2/15 - Added the "MMS-207" and "MS-TS."
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