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Subsy by HayesAJones
The TW redesign of one of my original five fanmade kaiju, the Sub-Titan. 

He lost his viking beard, which is sad, but now he has whiskers and little freckles. Adorable.
Go! by HayesAJones
Plume as he appears when using his energy mirroring ability to fire beams, launch pulses, or form his trademark solar sword. Color of the spiral in his eyes and the glow of his spots varies depending on what sort of energy he is mirroring. Thermal is usually red, electricity blue, solar yellow, etc. 
Flavors by HayesAJones
Plume as he appears when calm, when excited or agitated, and when using his energy mirroring ability.

... yes, he gets spirals in his eyes Gurren Lagann-style for that last one. Because his is the solar sword that shall pierce the heavens! Believe in the him who believes in you!


Hayes A. Jones
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm just trying to make my art and writing good enough to properly tell the stories that swirl inside my head. Then maybe the voice in there will stop nagging me. Probably not, but maybe.
This didn't deserve its own deviation since TW is suppose to be a text-based world, but I was bored and love me some character themes, so...

Angore: Quiet, but intense, percussion overlaid with blaring horns 

Quetzar : Slow strings and vocalizations punctuated by church bells

Kedos Croder : Powerful brass mingled with deep, ominous vocalizations 

Grinnin : Subtle string work underlain with tribal-sounding percussion

Drakia : Fast-paced percussion and strings with notable oriental styling

Vanyris : Shrill, piercing strings and whiny brass in up-and-down melody

The Sub-Titan : Soft strings heavily segmented by sudden, pounding percussion

Plume : Loud, heroic horns that would not sound out of place in a 70's sports movie 

Fainis : Thumping, dominant vocalizations and string work

Strider : Guitar riffs mixed with frantic strings

I'm imagining lots of cool things with these such as a theme interrupting or overpowering the current music when a new monster enters a fray or two pieces of music mixing together when monsters team up. Kedos and Quetzar in particular would benefit from that last one, I think, heheheh. And Strider would be a good candidate for the former, the big ol' jerk.

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However, of course I'm grateful. Thank you! :D
HayesAJones Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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